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The Rx Advantage Card is a FREE Prescription Discount Card that is available for everyone at NO cost.

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This card when presented to your pharmacy provides discounts as high as 85% (Discounts average roughly 30%) Accepted at 75,000 Pharmacies Nationwide.

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RX Advantage Program

Testimonials from Clients

Drugs Covered

Over 95% of all prescription drugs are covered by this discount health card.

Example of some Savings:

​In Morrisville, PA a customer saved $220.69 on their purchase of Zolpidem. The savings were near 95%. In Wauseon, OH a customer saved $148.58 on their purchase of Topiramate. That’s a savings of over 88%.Save money on Ibuprofen. Customers around the country save an average of 35% when purchasing Ibuprofen.

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